Feature Request for Scapple

I use Dialogue Mapping / Compendium alot for my work. However, they don’t update for years.

Just think if you could do the mapping similar to what they do and so that I can start using scapple to replace the old compendium.

You can download and try what is so call dialogue mapping here:
compendium.open.ac.uk/institute/ … search.htm


J. Lee

Could you clarify what you are looking for specifically, that Scapple cannot do? I don’t see anything in the screenshot that would be impossible. I would myself approach node typing as styles instead of little pictures, to make things easier on myself, but that’s about it.


I’m a visual guy and so for many others. I like what scapple can do but it will be wonderful if there is a set of node icons that I can use to make the whole map easily understandable. This is a way of communication and discussion among people and is called “dialog mapping”.

The way what they do is very simple and quick, for example, by pressing “i” or “a”, then the idea / answer icon image is then created and you enter words below it.


J Lee