FEATURE REQUEST: for your consideration when scapple development starts again


still pining for a few crucial features for the scapple of my dreams. again, my requests are for enabling use of scapple as a universal “scratch pad” for all purposes on the PC and MAC. srsly guys, this would be a killer selling point! for ONGOING note taking for programmers, computer graphics folks, scientists, and writers of course!

  • open with win 10, os x startup! with option to start minimized to tray
  • option for ‘x’ close to minimize to tray
  • option to keep scapple ON TOP over other apps when opened (for when i invoke it while using another app to take a note)
  • options for autosave (this is important because of dropbox - if i keep scapple open at home and at work autosaves on pc i’m not using will screw up the history)
    • manual save only
    • save only upon minimizing/closing
    • autosave (as it is now)

as always, for you to consider or disregard at your discretion (but pretty please! : ) )


OH… and a keyboard shortcut to bring it up and retire it back to tray… WIN+ or APPLE+ or maybe a function key or something.