Feature request: HTML with Javascript in files ?

A bunch of the web files I’m wanting to collect for my current project rely on Javascript.

Not a little: a lot, as in they’re nearly fully functional applications in their own right. Things like a custom tiddlywiki (http://www.tiddlywiki.com/) full of notes.

(I suspect this tendency is going to accelerate in future, if only because the proportion of dynamic content on the web is increasing.)

Right now, we can import HTML files/web pages as: webarchive, or plain text. I just now experimented by importing a new TiddlyWiki file as a WebArchive; it appears to work partially (the top level menus are okay) but the wiki functionality doesn’t seem to respond. Importing as text … no joy: the JavaScript is all dead.

Is there any possibility of importing actual executable HTML/JavaScript in such a way that WebKit can run it properly, without packaging it as a WebArchive? As a bonus extra, is it feasible to save a changed HTML/JavaScript page in place of the previous version when changing focus in the binder, so that internal state of web applications can be preserved within a Scrivener session?

(I recognize that this is asking for the moon on a stick and quite possibly non-portable to the Windows/Linux port …)

Hi Charlie,

I’m afraid this isn’t really possible at the moment, no. The advantage of using the .webarchive format is that it automatically downloads and encapsulates all (or at least most of) the data and resources necessary to show the page offline; to move over to using HTML would mean writing my own downloader to try to scan and grab all related resources (images and suchlike). The .webarchive format, meanwhile, is entirely private and provided from the WebKit as a bit of a black box.

All the best,