Feature request: "Ignore subfolder stacks" or "un-collapse subfolders" in corkboard mode.

Basically if I have all my scenes in a “Draft 1” folder and I open that folder in the corkboard obviously I can see all my individual scenes, but if I organize them into subfolders–“Act 1,” “Act 2,” “Act 3,” etc. then I lose the ability to view them all at once globally, and am left with and “Act 1” stack, an “Act 2” stack, etc. I can see the definite utility of representing subfolders as stacks, but I think there should be an option to work with all the scenes of the main project without having to remove them all from their subfolders or copy everthing into an additional single folder. Or am I overlooking an option that’s already there to uncollapse the stacks or ignore the subfolders?

I believe that if you control-click each folder (Act 1, Act 2, etc.) while in cork board mode you’ll get what you’re after.

To add to the previous poster’s point, ctrl-clicking parent folders in the Binder will “flatten” the Corkboard display, showing you the parent folders and the children items that are next level down.

Note that this will only go one level deep.

If you have many levels to display, i.e., folders within folders within folders, another method is to 1) put the editor in Corkboard mode, 2) expand the binder to the lowest level you want to see, then 3) in the binder click on the first folder you want to display, then shift-arrow down through the binder items below, until you’ve select all the ones you want to see in the corkboard. Or, 3) in the binder click on the first folder you want to display, then shift-click on the last item you want to display.

By the way, this is new for v3… It won’t work in v1.9.


Oh yes this seems to do the trick. Thanks!