Feature request: ignore words in ALL CAPS

Please could a future update include the option ignore spelling for words in ALL CAPS be added, and could that include all caps with punctuation? Every time I type a name with initials in front of it (which, as a historian, I do frequently), I have to add those initials to the dictionary. Thanks

On the Mac, Scrivener already ignores spelling in all caps. I wonder if it’s a system setting?

I’ve never been a Mac user, so I might be mistaken about this, but I believe that the spelling check is part of the Mac OS. But it isn’t part of Windows, so each software developer has to develop its own. Of course, Microsoft could take their state-of-the-art spelling check from Office and make it part of Windows. But I doubt that will ever happen, since that would mean that rival word processors (etc) would have exactly the same spelling check as Ms Word, etc.