Feature Request (iOS 16 edition)! 😀

Long-time forum members will be aware that I’ve been trying my hand at the writing game for quite a while now, although I’ve been coming increasing disillusioned with the process. Over the past decade in particular I’ve noticed that my potential to become a world-famous, rich and successful author has been unfairly handicapped by the technical limitations of my writing software.

Scrivener has failed time and time again, release after release, to provide the necessary tools to turn my worthless, talentless drivel, lacklustre prose and cliché-ridden nonsense into polished saleable work. I have raised complaints many times with the customer service team who have not once taken responsibility for this, always attempting to deflect the blame back on me with comments like:


But being a practical, pragmatic and generally positive human being, I want to help, and I think with iOS 16 now out to the general public, the time is right for Scrivener Mobile to take advantage of the new features the release enables to implement an update that will finally help me become the author my mother tells me I can be if I try hard enough.

  1. Buddy Controllers
    iOS 16 introduces the option for apps to have two controllers simultaneously connected in order to play games. If LL will implement dual keyboard control so that two people can write at the same time, that will yield a step change in my writing quality.
    I asked my writing coach what they thought and they said, “Literally ANYONE writing instead of you can’t fail to improve your work.” And while my writing coach has never actually written anything themselves, they do have their own podcast so they obviously know what they’re talking about.

  2. Widgets
    Use of a Scrivener widget on my phone’s lock screen can give me the valuable data I need to stay motivated. I think the most impactful statistic would be to show what percentage of my WIP is made up of adverbs, but there may be other uses for less advanced authors than myself.

  3. Live Activities
    This is the function where, on the phone lockscreen, you can display up to date live information from an online source. In their marketing materials, Apple show this being used to show sports scores which is all very well and good, but I think you could use the live data stream that I assume you’re already getting from our phones to display on the forum moderator’s phones when and how much I’m writing. They can they use that to send me personalised emails of encouragement. “Pigfender! I see you’ve written 5 words this month, so even better than your average for the year! And it looks like 2 of them are actually in the dictionary this time! Way to go!”

I’ve yet to figure out the best way for LL to implement the “Door Detection” technology into their iOS app, but I’ll keep thinking on it.

Thank you for considering implementing these features. I really think that the combination of your technical know-how and my willingness to pass off the hard work of others as my own can finally bring me the success I deserve.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (plus enough characters to take it over the sandbar!)


Maybe the “Dynamic Island” should be incorporated, too. Imagine two input controls, one on each side of the notch, containing little thumb operated scroll wheels to access one half of the alphabet. Bonus: Holding the phone that way, most of the screen is covered by your hands, so you don’t get distracted by bad prose.


Another thing that is clearly deliverable under the new iOS architecture is editing messages after they’ve been sent. Please implement this in Scrivener too as editing manuscripts after they’ve been sent, and in many cases after they’ve been published(*) and in the hands of the general public would be a game changer.

(* - although obviously I have no need of this functionality yet)


Dear Valued User,

Thank you for contacting Ligature & Lamé. We’re sorry you’re having trouble with your features. At least we assume that’s why you are making that face. Regarding your wishquiries:

  • Buddy Controllers
    Scrivener has had this functionality since version 0. But you have to let go of the keyboard. That’s it, that’s right. It’s okay. Let your buddy do the typing. And don’t be so controlling or try a more controlling buddy.

  • Fidgets
    Sorry, there are no plans to develop fidgets for Scrivener. Just thinking about it gives us a nervous tic.

  • Live Activities
    Scrivener already supports live activities. To turn on the live activity mode, sit down at your device (make sure Scrivener is running) and type stuff. Live activity mode turns off automatically when you are done for the day.

At Ligature & Lamé the customer is always first. So, please, go ahead. Really, we insist. After you.


This is just the sort of unreasonable response I’m accustomed to seeing from customer support. I’m just not able to commit to doing this, and I’m being discriminated against if your company continues to refuse to implement the necessary features to make this sort of demand on its loyal users redundant.


Dear Pigender,

Thank you for contacting Comfiture Support. Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble sitting down. So many paddlings, we get it! Anyone would be irascible. But did you know that Scwillener can also be used as a stand up app? No kidding! I’m doing that very thing right now (in more ways than one). Gosh, this is one of the things customers just love about Scwillener! It always provides. Where there’s a Scwill there’s a way!

And you might also want to check out our cousin app, Scrivener for ProneOS.

All the Best,
Your Consumer Sport Team

Get a cat.
Launch Scrivener.
Leave the keyboard unattended.