[Feature Request] - Key modifiers while dragging objects

Hi - loving Scapple. I wondered if you could add a couple of key modifiers to help when dragging an object - Shift+Drag locks the objects being dragged to either horizontal or vertical dragging (I know I can select my objects, hit ‘M’, and then use shift+arrow keys to do this, but … )

Thanks lots.

Hi Mike,

Glad you’re liking Scapple! This is actually something I added to the list as a possibility myself. There are a couple of problems, though:

(1) Shift is already used a shortcut when dropping notes on top of one another, so that would conflict.

(2) Scapple uses the standard OS X drag-and-drop methods (which are built into the core view system), which don’t provide a way of “locking” the position of the drag image (the code just creates an image for the drag, and then the OS X drag system moves that image with the mouse). So I’m not sure how feasible it is without using a completely different drag and drop system.

As I say, it is on my list for consideration and further investigation, though.

Thanks and all the best,

How could anyone not love it!

No worries … I use Adobe tools a lot and find myself automatically going for the Shift+Drag to lock things (particularly with stacks) to keep everything aligned. I can work around it with the keyboard. I hope you can squeeze it in somewhere though.

Thanks again.