Feature Request - Keybindings for manipulating tables

I primarily use Scrivener to write scripts for video productions. Those scripts are written in tables with different columns for Video, Audio and Speech. When finalizing the script I often find myself restructuring the rows, e.g. adding rows to add more notes for the editors.
For the process of restructuring it would be incredibly helpful to have keybindings for manipulating said table, especially adding rows.

  • On the Mac, one can customise keyboard shortcuts in any program via global system preferences tool.

  • On Windows we’ve been gradually adding shortcut access to all menu commands, but it is a slow and difficult process. The goal is completion though, and there are many commands that have been requested so I can’t say if these will happen sooner than any others.

    In the meanwhile though, Windows does have an advantage of having most menu commands available to Alt chords. For example, pressing these keys in sequence will add a row below the current cell: Alt, r, t, a. Holding down the Alt key usually shows these hotkeys, but a better solution is to always show them, which is a setting found in the “Ease of Access” system settings area, under “Keyboard”: Enable shortcut underlines.