Feature Request - less greedy Dropbox sync


The app is looking good so far. A question - does the Dropbox sync have to be so greedy? It seems to know that it is looking for .scriv files, but if, like me, you workflow is broken out by story, with all the gory things that includes, then you will have a pretty messy directory structure where all your stories live, and with a variety of extensions and file types. Having to move my .scrivs to a specific subdirectory just to reduce the footprint on my remote device complicates the overall set up on the desktop.


You’ll find that almost all apps that sync with Dropbox require their own folder on Dropbox, although many don’t offer you the choice of directory and force you into using /Dropbox/Apps/AppName.

The reason Scrivener is so “greedy” is that it monitors the entire folder you choose and then replicates the desktop Dropbox client’s sync behaviour, but only for that folder - it syncs all files inside it. This allows it to bring down anything you add to Dropbox, upload anything you add locally, and sync all files inside the projects.

The alternative would be to have it monitor each individual project, but that solution would require you adding every project to Scrivener manually, and telling each individual project you add on iOS to sync with Dropbox. Scrivener would then have to monitor each individual project separately. So you’d still have all the same file management issues, except that you’d have to do them in the iOS version instead of in Finder.

Remember that you can choose a custom directory, though, so you could do something like:

        /In Progress
            /Scrivener Projects

Then you could just set the /Dropbox/Writing/Notes/In Progress/Scrivener Projects folder to sync with Scrivener.

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And if you are comfortable using soft links (you say you use Linux) you can soft link the .scriv bundle (well at least you can on macOS, that would apply to Linux but dont know what the equivalent on Windows would be).