Feature request: 'Lock in Place' to supersede 'Previous/Next document'

Hi! Took a quick search, and didn’t see a topic for this. (Usual intro about how I’m Scrivener user of many years, two platforms, three versionS, love you more than life, etc…) Love being able to ‘Navigate -> Editor -> Lock in Place’ (with keyboard shortcut). Also love being able to ‘Navigate -> Go To -> Previous/Next document’ (also with keyboard shortcut). Would really love it if the latter action didn’t supersede the former. :slight_smile: I…e locked documents shouldn’t move when you go to previous/next document. (You can see where you lose track of which editor window has focus, and are constantly inadvertently navigating away from ‘locked’ windows.) THANKS!

The idea behind locking the editor has always been about denying any form of automatic navigation that will change the contents of the editor, from wherever that may be coming from outside of it. It has never been about keeping you from navigating the editor wherever and however you please. You aren’t locking the document, you’re locking the editor, if that helps the distinction to make more sense.

Now that aside, the focus issues on navigation are something that sorely needs fixing, but I suspect are technically difficult to fix. If I press Ctrl+[ and then Ctrl+] I should be able to directly after doing so continue typing right where I was in the first document. At the moment though, the cursor ends up in limbo. So I wouldn’t fault any awkwardness along those lines to Locked in Place.

Lastly if you’re inadvertently hitting the shortcut on such a regular basis, maybe bind a different set of keys to these commands in Options? I run into that actually, as I use a Mac mainly, and where you put your fingers on the keyboard to Alt+Shift on a PC is ⇧⌘ on Mac. That combination with the four arrow keys is used to select text (it works a bit like Home/End) on a Mac, but navigates the editor on PC! :slight_smile: