Feature Request - Notification Widgets and Reminders

I adore Scrivener and have been using it since 2009. The targets are my favourite part of the app and provide a surprising amount of motivation.

I’d love to see more integration with MacOS and iOS with widgets and reminders. I think it would be great to have a notification widget for Mac that showed the manuscript and session targets as a daily incentive to get in there and get it done. Likewise, daily writing reminders incorporating this data such as “only x number of days left to work on your draft. get cracking!” or “have you written your x words today?” Accolades for meeting goals over time (streaks) would also be very motivating.


Word count goals are great. Time based goals are also great and much better, imo, for editing goals. I’d love to see an ability to switch to time based writing goals.

Keep up the great work!