Feature Request: Option to update cursor position during speech

I often use the text to speech feature to proof read my manuscript. I can more easily find missing words, typos or wrong words this way. A little time consuming but works great.

It would help if there was an option to highlight current position during speech and update the position of the cursor since I often pause, update a word or two and continue. Not sure how difficult that would be but it would sure make the updating of the document quicker and make it easier to keep track of location.

Thank you for considering this option.

  • Lisa

Please see my request [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/speech-highlighter/44283/1] which is the same as you are requesting. It didn’t even get a comment from the forum community much less from the L&L powers that be.
Good luck to you though!

Bill Antonacchio