Feature request: page count[NOTED]

Hi, I know Scrivener is designed to work with chunks of text but when writing plays / screenplays it’s handy to have an eye on page count for timings. Is there a way you can incorporate a page count?



As you noted, it’s a little difficult to do this in real time because of how Scrivener works. It really needs a compile to get a proper estimate of what the total page count is. Fortunately, there is way of doing this without all of the fuss of compiling and opening the RTF document in Word or another program. Just select “Project Statistics” from the Project menu. In larger projects, it might take a moment to calculate (it has to do a real compile in the background, using your current settings), but you should get a set of page estimates. Paperback estimate will be of less use for scriptwriting as that just calculates off of a basic 350 words per page metric. Printed is what will give you the best estimate for scriptwriting.

That’s going to be your primary tool in the near future. Down the road, there will be more tools available for scriptwriters to help with this. The Project Targets tool (also in the Project menu) will have a real-time page mode based goal instead of words or characters. Also a simple page view alternate editor view, which when set up properly, will give you a pretty accurate read on how pages are flowing by as you write.

That sounds awesome!