Feature Request: Random Locations


I would LOVE this item below ”New Note”:

New Note at Random Location” (of the visible canvas area).

Why? Because when you’re brainstorming, your creativity thrives when you don’t know where the note pops up! :slight_smile: You see connections you’d never even think about.
(Just try to add a new magnet to the app Desktop Poet…)

I think this would be a great addition to Scapple. And while we’re at it: How about a ”shuffle notes” command?

Have to admit, first time I read this, I thought, “Oh no, another request for a frivolous and semi-pointless feature.”

Then I thought more about it, about how I write when the brain seems empty: read a newspaper article and invent new details; grab an overheard conversation and extend it.

In short, invent or steal a new situation to address. Your idea — the random starting point — is similar. So while I’m not advocating for the feature (that’s between you and the developer) I will apologize for not appreciating its potential.

That goes only for the “random location” idea. “Shuffle” sounds too random, too chaotic.


You can kind of already do this by hitting Cmd-R and then creating your new note there. :slight_smile:

@PJS – thank you for the comment. I’m glad you see some kind of potential in my idea. It is a bit like randomly mixing paper slips (with phrases etc.) You always end up with scenarios that you hadn’t thought about. To get beyond any creative block, you have to be able to think ”out of the box” – even the box of fixed spatial organisation.

@AmberV – Well, not really! I want a totally random starting point, without any zooming in! Besides, command-R doesn’t work with a blank canvas… Comment appreciated anyway, and I do hope you decide to implement this feature at some point. :slight_smile: