Feature Request: Remember compile export folders

Please cause Scrivener iOS to remember where one saves the compile output as part of the file. (Yes, I know that would mean that a compile requires a save of some kind.) Here’s why:

I write blog articles in Scrivener, mostly iOS, sometimes MacOS, because it’s such a good place to write. When I’m ready to publish, I do a simple compile to a markdown file, which my web site builder translates to HTML. That means that the process is

  • Click compile icon
  • Click “compile”
  • Click export icon
  • Select folder, sometimes digging deeply into Dropbox
  • Accept any confirmations
  • Back out of the compile windows

This isn’t bad if you do it once. However, if I need to edit the file because it doesn’t render well or because I make a mistake – not at all uncommon – it’s a pain to go back thru the whole Scrivener cycle, so I usually edit the compiled output, which of course means that my Scrivener document is no longer current.

I’m hoping it could be possible to smooth the flow somehow.

In my case, I could readily set up the save path as part of the text or the project settings, which would mean no additional save of the file was necessary after compiling.

For extra credit, compiling directly to where I want it would be nice …