Feature request: restore exact position

No idea how easy this is (or isn’t), but could Scrivener 3 eventually reopen projects at the exact point they were at when you closed them (i.e. with the document scrolled to the position where you were editing)?

Good luck with this suggestion even getting a response from the forum community. It is close to my request to highlight the line being read during text to speech and is similar coding on Windows platform, but I don’t know how much the management allows the Windows programmers to read or learn of requests not approved from above.

Bill Antonacchio

Hi Bill,

I’m just a fellow customer, so please take this response in that light. You sound frustrated, so my goal with this response is to help ease your frustration somewhat.

Regarding lack of response from L&L developers to your request: The devs are a tad busy right now developing Windows v3. Don’t take it personally that they are not responding to each and every feature request. At least they didn’t respond by saying no.

L&L has stated in various posts that the initial scope of the Windows v3 release will be feature parity with Mac v3 version. If Mac v3 has already implemented a feature like your request, then you can expect to see it in Win v3. You can check the Mac v3 manual for yourself, to see what’s been implemented there. If Mac v3 doesn’t have a feature like your request, then I wouldn’t expect to see it upon initial v3 release. It’ll get put on the list, along with all the other feature requests that weren’t part of the initial release .

Regarding lack of response from other customers to your request: Who knows? People have lives? :slight_smile:


I’m not using the v. 3 beta, but in v. 1.9.9, as in previous Windows versions of Scrivener, this already happens: a project opens to the last document being edited, with the cursor in the last position it occupied. If this is a matter of a feature that is not present in the v. 3 beta, then (and probably in any case) it should be raised in the beta forum. But perhaps I’m just not understanding what the issue is.