Feature request(s) for spell checker

It seems that the dictionary/spell check is a system wide setting. I write in a couple of languages, but not for every project. If the system setting were used as a default when starting a new project that would be OK, but I’d like a per project dictionary setting. Which actually leads me to the second part of this request. I’d like to have multiple custom dictionaries.

I’m presently writing a D&D campaign setting (think high fantasy fiction in Tolkeinesque English) and a travelogue (in English and German) so I have character and place names that are important for one project but not another.

My custom dictionary has real and fictional town names mixed. I was trying to keep separate lists and manually swap wordlists.ini (which is how I discovered the bug I reported earlier in the beta version) but this is not a good working solution - being able to associate two or more custom dictionaries with a single writing project would be great!

Additionally in my fantasy writing I’d like to have a word blacklist - words that although technically spelled correctly are not allowed (for instance a preference of grey over gray - I’d like gray to be marked as error in one of my fantasy projects).

To boil this down

  1. Spell check preferences move to a per project setting.
  2. Use system spell check preference as default for a new project.
  3. Allow multiple custom dictionaries per project
  4. Allow a blacklist dictionary of words that are always wrong (even when they are “right”)
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