Feature Request: Save "Session" or "Project Set"

Okay, here’s my idea. Let’s say you’re having an intense creative session with Scrivener, and you have four or five Projects open at once, all organized in tabs. One tab is open, the others are hidden behind it. Your Bookmarks editing window is open. You can see a QuickReference Panel in the upper right corner, while the Bookmarks window is in the front and center, on top of everything else, AND, your main Scrivener window — not quite full screen but pretty good sized — is in the background. The tabs are, of course, in a certain order, you’ve customized the toolbar and a bunch of other preferences, your sync target is Dropbox, and lastly, you’re set to back up automatically every three minutes. Now then:

What happens if you want to save this entire Scrivener Session? Like, all the open projects, the window positions and layout, which window is on top, etc. The idea is, when you choose “Save Entire Session” from the File Menu, Scrivener automatically creates a new type of file, maybe called a “.scrivsess” file, sort of like an “Application State” that is stored in the Library. That way, the next time you start Scrivener, the FIRST thing it will ask you is: “Restore Previous Session?” And boom, If you say “yes,” it does it for you. This would work GREAT in tandem with the macOS’s “Resume” Feature, and could — maybe, just maybe, since it contains only a .plist of references — it could work with the macOS’s “Versions” system too, and could be indexed by Spotlight, etc.! This would quickly make it become VERY useful to those of us who have multiple projects open at once, and instead of re-opening Every. Single. One of them. Every. Darn. Time! Scrivener is restarted, you just choose to load the previous session! And bang, you’re back in business!

Unfortunately, there have been a number of operating system bugs where attempts to save entire “sessions” in this way caused crashes.

To the specific items you mentioned:

  • Whether to restore projects and Quick Reference panes is configurable. See the Scrivener → Preferences → General → Startup tab.
  • The state of each open project is saved by default. That is, projects will re-open with the same document(s) loaded in the Editor, the same configuration of the main project window, etc. You can also use saved Layouts to restore a particular configuration, independent of specific projects.
  • Toolbar customizations are saved, as are backup settings.
  • Dropbox synchronization is a background task performed by the Dropbox application, not by Scrivener itself. The Sync with External Folder option is a project-specific setting, and is saved.