Feature request: save the full state of the application

Having learned to quit Scrivener often to avoid sync mishaps as discussed here, I find that just a little less than expected is saved of the application’s state: given the overall level of sophistication of the software, I was confident that, when closing a setup with two editor panes, the second of which showing a PDF file, and having attached to it a copyholder showing another PDF file, all three elements would be restored to their pre-quit state, including (I am an optimist) their respective scroll positions, but unfortunately, when reopening the project, I was presented with two panes, one for the text (all good), the other filled with just the one PDF file, showing page 1, the scroll position having been lost. The second PDF file was nowhere to be seen. Now, is this a disaster? Far from it! I enjoy working with Scrivener every day, and hope to continue to do so for a long time. But it is a bit of a hassle to have to restore a project’s state several times a day, to ensure safe switching from my work Mac to my home Mac and vice versa. So if this is not a herculean coding challenge, I’m hoping full state saving, including scroll positions of embedded documents, may become a feature one day.

This is what saved layouts are for.

Mac OS did bad things when we tried to restore multiple windows, so we stopped.


I already tried to remedy this using saved layouts, and got reproducible crashes every time. I sent in three or four bug reports about that yesterday.