Feature request: shortcut to close out project completely

Would it be possible to add a shortcut key combination to the iOS version to close out a current project? With parts and deep folder structure this can take quite a few finger taps (as many as four or five) to do manually, and it’s a little cumbersome when safe syncing requires doing this every time I put the iPad away.

Alternatively, is there a swipe command or icon I’m missing that would immediately take me back to the Scrivener projects folder from within any particular project?

Alternatively alternatively, is it safe for me just to use the iOS up-swipe to force quit command to close Scrivener once I’ve synced? I worry about doing this with an open project at the risk of corrupting a file or interrupting an automatic dropbox syncing in the background.

I don’t believe there is a shortcut for it, but we did indeed anticipate the problem you are describing, and built a quicker form of “up” navigation than repeatedly tapping on the back button. If you tap instead on the header text to the right of that button, you’ll get a quick nav menu, the bottom of which goes straight to the Projects screen. At most you might need to tap three times (including the selection within the nav menu), since in some cases tapping there dismisses the editor on the phone or temporary states like QuickRef on iPad.

I would consider it best practice to close a project out before switching back to the Mac, as there are certain “housekeeping” tasks done when closing; probably nothing critical, but that’s why I say best practice. You can sync from anywhere with ⌘S, but that’s more just a way to ensure what you’re working on goes to the server more often than once or twice a session.

The other direction is perfectly safe though—you don’t have to close a project on the Mac—it is designed to let you pick up the phone while in the kitchen and tap in a few thoughts, then return to your desk. But the idea is still to close and sync on the phone.