Feature Request - Show/Hide Toggle

Hi, this may not require less coding than many other wishlist items, since it’s not a full feature…

Several menu items are contextual, namely Show/Hide:

Editor View - Show and Hide
Toolbar - Show and Hide
Tab Bar - Show and Hide

When you are showing the item, it changes to Hide on the menu. When you have it hidden, it changes to Show.

This all makes sense, but it’s inconvenient because none of the Show/Hide menu features have keyboard shortcuts. They’re also not located near each other, and there’s no way to show them all or hide them all. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

My two requests? Make them a toggle menu item, Show/Hide whatever. And put them all under one menu in addition to whatever tear-off menu there at now.

Right now, with none of them having keystrokes, it’s possible to use Apple System Preferences > Keystrokes > App specific shortcuts and record keystrokes…

But you have to create keystrokes for twice as many items to be able to toggle them. Because so many keystrokes are already used by Scrivener, it becomes a contortion act with toggle buttons nowhere near each other/dissimilar keystrokes.

Other apps will use Show/Hide menu items, so I’d love for Scrivener to make this small UI tweak that would be a great UX tweak.

I’ve created a few so far, but they also don’t seem to work consistently… The Show will work and then it will be almost half a minute before the Hide toggle back works.

Thanks for reading.