Feature Request "Space Optimizer"

Good morning or night from germany,

I am really thankful that this piece of software exists. I am an owner of Scrivener too but to begin writing I was missing something to organize my messed up mind. Scapple it is.
Some of my stories have left the simple state a long while ago and now I´m filling this lovely piece of endless blank paper with with quite a lot of ideas.
The Plan is to structure absolutely everything (Regions, Cities, Persons, Tragedys and how they corellate with each other etc) on one paper per Story. Maybe I use different ones for very tiny details.
However, after typing and linking a few notes, I have to rearrange some groups again and it became troublesome to maintain.
A function that just says “rearrange every box and single note for the shortest possible length (minimum length required) and with the least amount of crossed lines by maintaining the connections” would help me a lot.
I already noticed something like a natural hierachy, absolutely unintended. Some Characters are heavily linked and moved to the middle of the structure. Lonesome notes at the corners showed me, where work would be eventually needed. At the end I hope for some hidden diamond structure :mrgreen:

Hi from cold, wet and windy England

I know this is not exactly what you are after, and I also think what you have suggested is a good idea, but have you tried the option ‘Select Connected Notes’ under the Edit menu, then using the ‘Stack’ option under the Notes menu. I’ve used this technique a few times to bring notes that stem from a central note back together again .

I was just looking for the same type of tool. Something where I can select a note and have it reorganize all sub-notes would be great.

Also, thanks for that other tip for stacking! I’ll try that out. I’m sure it’ll help.