FEATURE REQUEST: start on windows boot, tabs, minimize to taskbar!

hey guys,

i always end up using scapple as a kind of scratch pad while using my computer - not just for writing but everything! it is really great for just jotting down miscellaneous ideas and reminders about stuff that’s going on in your day, hardware setting details for computer builds, software setting notes for arcane drivers… AS WELL AS writing!

what would help enormously in this is:

  • option to start scapple minimized when windows boots
  • option for previously opened files to open
  • option for opened files to reside in multiple TABS
  • option to minimize to taskbar

i’m finding scapple as almost an indispensable system utility and this would help enormously.

this is just my wish list. please consider or disregard at your own discretion.

thanks for a great tool.


oh - and some ability for scapple to know if the file has been changed (like if it resides in dropbox folder and is being accessed in multiple places) and be able to keep the latest changes.