Feature request: Tabbed interface for Projects

Hi Keith –

A suggestion for version 2 (or even 1.x, x>0):

Since writers often work on several related projects at once, it might be very useful to be able to switch quickly between projects by clicking in a Projects tab bar, and to drag-and-drop or link objects from one project to another via spring-loaded tabs.

Even if tabs don’t appeal to you, wouldn’t it be nice for Scrivener somehow or other to support copying and linking between projects?


I’m not sure about tabs for different projects, as a project, to me, deserves its own space. If you tab projects, you view parts of them at the same time. For instance, your second request - to copy between projects - is already possible. Just drag from the binder of one project and drop it into the binder of another. This copies the objects dragged into the new project. Because the projects are in different windows, you can drop the copied items wherever you want in the binder - with a tabbed interface, you wouldn’t have this sort of control.