Feature Request - TextExpander Enhancement for iOS Scrivener


I’m very much looking forward to Scrivener for iOS.

I am a frequent user of the TextExpander app on OS X and iOS. On OS X TextExpander just works but on iOS third-party app developers must implement the Smile software’s SDK in order to use TextExpander snippets with the default keyboard.

It is true that you can use the TextExpander Touch keyboard for iOS to have expansion capabilities in any app, but that keyboard pales in comparison with the standard iOS keyboard in every other way and it wouldn’t support the app via external keyboards and would offer the ability for rich-text expansion.

Here’s a list of the 75+ apps that have enabled this functionality:


Here is a link to their SDK: smilesoftware.com/textexpander-ios/sdk

Thank you for your time. If you need anyone else for the Scrivener iOS beta, I’ll happily help out. :slight_smile:



I’m afraid that the TextExpander API doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Scrivener for iOS at the moment. The TextExpander API works by replacing the entire text in a text view when it expands a snippet. This completely wipes out undo in the text view. At the moment, the TextExpander API works better with plain text apps or very simple rich text apps that don’t need undo support or which don’t extend the text system much. It won’t work very well with a complex rich text app such as Scrivener. It’s already on my list to keep my eye on the development of the TextExpander API, though - if the situation changes in the future, then I will definitely reevaluate.

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Text Expander is a brilliant pgm, one that many support advisors from at least one certain large company use for quickly inserting support troubleshooting steps and notes, however as you say, for iOS Scrivener at the moment, not ideal.

I use it on my own macbook for repetitive tasks or inserting boilerplate. I haven’t updated to the latest version as it seems to require a log in and talks about sharing snippets. If it’s ‘online only’ then that would be an issue. Will get around to checking when I have a moment.

Hopefully the API will develop to the point of being useful for L&L.

There are reasons for hope! I just got this email from Greg Scown (Founder of Smile Software, which makes TextExpander), in response to my appeal to Scrivener advocate David Sparks (a.k.a. MacSparky.com) to intercede with his pals at Smile:

So, finger’s crossed!


Reviving a very old thread - but it’s what comes up in search. Am I missing something or does iOS Scrivener still not have this function?

My work requires a lot of non-standard technical terms and so this is now a real sticking point to using iOS away from my desk.


Have you tried using Apple’s text replacement features that are on macOS and iOS?

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Thanks - I have, but it’s really no replacement for TE, and with all the special terms I use it would take an age to set up - not really worth it for the relatively small amount of writing I do in Scrivener iOS.

As far as I can see, they still haven’t implemented it. It’s part of why I’ve moved away from Scrivener.