Feature request: toggle colors of composer mode

First off, I’d like to thank you for making Scrivener. It’s a writer’s dream come true, and so well executed as well.

I hope the following has not yet been discussed - I ran a search and didn’t find anything; I see discussions about ‘night mode,’ but this is a little bit different.

I like the default look of the composer mode in Scrivener 3: the dark background and white letters. However, I often write outside, and in certain kinds of light, it is very hard to read. I know it is possible to change the color of composer mode, but when the light is right, the default setting is actually very nice. It would be great to be able to have two (or even more) preset color schemes with an easy way to toggle between them. Is this something you would consider implementing in a next version?

Scrivener 3 already supports preference “themes,” which can be used for exactly this purpose. See Appendix B.1.1 of the Scrivener 3 manual for more information.


I will check. Thank you!