[Feature Request] Virtual links and Properties


I understand everyone is probably already buckling down for Scrivener 3, but as I was wondering what great new features could possibly improve an already great program, I came across a couple of things that would REALLY, REALLY improve the program for me.

Top of my wishlist: Relative links!

My projects are typically large construction sites with many, MANY sub-documents. Quite often, I find it hard to decide where to put information (e.g. should I add it locally to a certain chapter, or use a more general structure with outside folders like “Information” or “Background”). As a result, it is often hard for me to locate information I already put down somewhere. To solve this, it would be absolutely awesome to have relative links. With relative links, you could put information in one place, but then reference it as often as you like in other places (not within documents, but as a “virtual document” itself).

Next: More properties.

To judge the relative usefulness of texts and notes within a project, it would be great to know how old they are. Somtimes, you’re in a hurry, and then you just open a new page and call it “stuff” or “notes”, and when you revisit that place some time later you find it sitting beside other pages with similar names. Being able to see when a page/note/text was created would really help a lot to tell the fresher additions from the stale ones.

Thinking about it, since text age is so important, maybe it would even be possible to go one step further and display the information visually, so that, in a given document tree, you could easily see which parts have been added more recently and which ones have already been gathering dust for years. (Especially useful for people who keep working on different sections at the same time). This could be done by shades of colors, or some barometer, or by adding “conditional icons” (if text is older/newer than X days, add this or that icon).

Next: Better/More/Interactive icons.

My hopes are hight that the new Scrivener will have more icons to choose from (I am crossing my fingers) and/or an icon import feature. One particular thing that might be worth improving is the “Todo” icon, which is actually more of a “Done” icon in Scrivener 2 with the box already ticked. Being able to check/uncheck that icon, or at the very least having an unchecked version of it would be great.

Tiny, but very useful: Mouseovers.

It would also be great if, upon mouseover, you could see the entire title of a text/folder. As it’s now, if the title is too long, all you can do to read all of it is to temporarily increase the size of the binder. Convenience is king. :slight_smile:

Thank you!