Feature request: wifi or local sync

I know there won’t be any additional cloud sync platforms for the time being. However, for those of us who would rather not use DropBox (or cannot), and who suffer using iTunes, could you please consider perhaps adding wifi sync or WebDav to a future update?

Several apps already use wifi sync well, such as Notebooks or PhotoSync.

I would imagine it to work like this:

There’s a folder on the Mac/PC where .scriv files are saved. To update the iOS library, there’s button in the app to sync with that Mac/PC folder. To update the Mac/PC library, there’s a button in the Mac/PC version to sync with a paired iOS version.

Alternatively, perhaps WebDav could work in a similar fashion. Scrivener for iOS wouldn’t even need to do the syncing, but we’d need a way to share the library and import from an app such as Panic’s Transmit.

Is this on the roadmap?