feature request: zoom % in footer bar


just a percentage number to show where i’m currently at in the footer bar (ala photoshop) would be nice. the bar is good but it doesn’t show where 100% or anything else is.



Did the footer bar get switched off by chance? Check in the View/Layout/ sub-menu to see if there is a checkmark beside “Footer Bar”. Normally you would see a percentage zoom control in the lower left of the editor. Just click on it to change the value.

no the footer bar is open.

there is nothing on the lower left:

literatureandlatte.com/gfx/s … tal-lg.jpg

in the lower right, there is a “zoom” bar and a “reset” button.

but there is no NUMERICAL indication at what the current zoom level is. if i hit reset, it will go back to 100% but it would be nice to see a number next to the bar telling me what the current zoom level is.


Oh! Sorry, I had Scrivener in mind when I answered that earlier. You can just hit F9 if it is important to be “100%”, but the idea for it being a simple “analogue” slider is that in Scapple it doesn’t really matter too much what numerical value the slider is at—it’s just a tool for quickly navigating around in the canvas—drop the slider at whatever level looks right for what you’re currently doing.