Feature Request

An issue I’m having seems to warrant a feature request, but there might already be an answer that I haven’t been able to find. I’ve read what seems to be the pertinent area in the user guide, and I’ve searched both the Mac and Windows forums to no avail. Please let me know if there is an answer to this:

I’m using the cork board for brainstorming, and my story is going to cover quite a bit of area on the board by the time I’ve got it all laid out. No problem. Scrivener can handle it. But there’s a bit of frustration for me…

As I examine a train of thought, I try to break down the thought into basic ideas, one per card. I string them out left to right. The next train of thought starts on the next line. I now have several lines of cards extending downward from the initial screen. My process isn’t important, but I only want to illustrate that I’m taking up a lot of screen real estate with it.

When I want to add a new card, I right-click and select Add-New Text and the card appears…up at the top. My request is that the card appear where my cursor is to prevent all the scrolling up and down as I climb up, grab the new card, and drag it down to where my thoughts dwell.

Maybe I’m missing something simple. Help?