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I have a feature request / question. It would be very helpful to me if Scrivener could have a third open text window (I have a 34" 3440 x 1440 monitor). I write non-fiction, and the way I work is I have an old page in the right window and my rewrite in the left. I need of third window to reference notes, previous sections, and other related material. This would be extremely helpful, and lift Scrivener to another level in ease of use for me. I currently don’t use the the corkboard or inspector. What I do like about it is the tree outline on the left and the ability to divide my writing into sections, instead of one long document, which is unwieldy.

Is Scrivener 3 going to address this? Or is there any other writing software which has the features of more than two text windows, a chapter/section tree, and the ability to break your document into sections.

When I started on computers back in the DOS days, the ability to have multiple writing windows was common. Now it seems all the software is limited to two windows at the most.

Thank You


There’s a couple of Version 3 features will help you:

a) Copy holders. Each editor can have one of these — it’s effectively another split window per editor, so you can have a total of four editor windows open at once in a 2x2 matrix. There are a few limitations to the copyholders, but you can edit text in all of them.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 22.07.09.jpg[/attachment]

b) Quick Reference documents: these are completely independent windows showing any document. They are editable, and you can use them to show both the content and any of the inspector panels at once. You can have as many of these open as you want. The only downside is that you have to open QR windows individually (i.e. you can’t keep one window open and cycle through each document in the binder).

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 22.05.40.jpg[/attachment]

The screenshots are on my MacBook Air, so they’re necessarily a bit cramped, but hopefully they’ll give you a flavour of what can be achieved in Version 3 (Mac and Windows).

You should be able to achieve a lot with a combination of these features.


As Brookter above suggests - this is from my latest windows beta across two large screens using Quick Reference and copy holders.

I think eight or ten was the most I had open at one time and that was purely to see if I could.

Obviously, just because I could didn’t mean I should.

[attachment=0]quick reference.png[/attachment]

Hope this helps.

Just want to say thanks to brookter and AussieDoc for this peek into features of Scriv 3 that I’m sure I will use heavily. I’ve been avoiding the beta (since I do other beta testing), and thus anticipating the learning curve when v. 3 is finally released. It’s good to get a sense of how copyholders and Quick Ref work.

Wow, that’s good news. Looks like it will help. Thanks for replying!