Feature Request ;)

I watched the Apple live stream earlier today with a great deal of excitement about the transition from Intel processors to the new SoC M1 silicon. One thing that caught my eye in particular, was the idea that M1 silicon Macs will be able to run iOS apps natively!

As such, my request is simple. Please could you develop a version of Scrivener for iOS with a revised interface that recognises that it won’t be able to take advantage of the touch screen of an iPhone or iPad to run? I’d also appreciate it if you could beef up the functions to be a bit more “power user” to take advantage of the fantastic performance Apple has promised! A more comprehensive compile system would be at the top of my list, alongside some sort of style-based formatting approach.

Of course, I appreciate that this would be no small development effort. I’d be prepared to pay more for the license in such cases. Say, just under £50?

Thanks as always for your consideration.

:laughing: :laughing:


You’re…not a nice person, sometimes.

I love it.

You scared me for a moment… :laughing: