Feature Requests for Windows Scriv 3

There is currently no hotkey shortcut for ‘open in copyholder’ or ‘quick reference’ from corkboard, which would be extremely useful, as this is my most used view. Spacebar that opened selected text in copyholder, and Ctrl + Space for Quick Reference, as default hotkey would be great, as this has no default function in corkboard view.

And the card ratio is still set to 2X5 as lowest ratio, whereas the last vers could be set to 1x5, which as you can see above I used to good effect - the purpose of this isn’t simply aesthetic, rather it is to fit ALL scenes on screen at once, which is an invaluable way to view the entire script, and the entire reason for my chosen layout method.
SO PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE reinstate the 1x5 card ratio in corkboard!

Also, smaller gaps between cards and customizable multi selection separator line length would also be good. And it would be great if there were an option where the cards on corkboard automatically resized so that all cards resized to fit window, like I have done manually altering size in attached pics.

Could we have the BLUE/ORANGE line signifier for LOCKED/UNLOCKED editor visible even when header view is disabled please? I like this line but I don’t need all the other stuff in the header view.

The new multi-select function in corkboard is a great new addition. Many thanks.
The info pop-up at the footer of text editor is also v useful.

Would it be possible to have a ‘REWRITE/REDRAFT MODE’ where one rewrites a scene, for example, alongside the old scene? Perhaps as added functionality to existing Snapshots mode?
I tend to nest old scenes within a new scene, then view them side by side and write the new scene whilst referencing the old (SEE ATTACHED PIC). It would be great if this setup was added as a function, and actioned from a single button (‘REWRITE’), that nested the current scene within a newly created one, arranged side by side, and displayed changed text, perhaps in a different colour on the old scene? Also for the two text editors in this mode to be synced together when scrolling, so when scrolling down on new scene, in right editor, for example, the old scene in left editor would scroll accordingly too (and keep scrolling of left editor independent, so one could scroll back for quick reference to other part?).

This would really be helpful for my redrafting process, and I’m sure there are many out there who use a similar method who would benefit.

Please add option to toggle the annoying top Windows title bar off (or at least combine with menu bar like Final Draft does, and dim the bar?). Most other softwares have this function now as the eye-sore, annoying waste of space aspect of it is heightened these days via the brilliant dark mode, which this title bar spoils. i.e. a true full screen UI, without top Windows title/file path bar.

Oh, and another call for Scriv for Android please. That would be great. Thanks.

Many thanks. Great work so far on new vers.