Feature requests: shift + mouse wheel for horizontal scrolling, and cursor-dependent zooming

Hi there,

I’m trialling Scapple for Windows, and I’m surprised to see (unless I’m mistaken) that one can’t scroll horizontally in the orthodox way, by holding down shift and using the mouse scroll wheel. Yes, I note that there’s the space bar + drag option, but this is inefficient, in my view.

Also on the user-friendliness front, how about making it so that when a document is zoomed in on or out of, the position of the mouse cursor dictates what’s centred on the screen? At the moment, zooming is just a blunt, blanket zoom, such that I find myself, for example, having to zoom in, and then scroll to the items that I saw whiz by, as it were. If zooming was cursor-dependent, I could point at what I’m interested in, zoom once and have my desired item centred before me, without the need to zoom and then scroll.

I hope I’m making some sense. These seem like pretty basic interface expectations to me, especially when working with large documents.