Feature require to merge keywords and metadata

In a future version of scrivener can keywords and metadata be merged together so that the new feature has the best of both of keywords and metadata. For the rest of this post, and for clarity, I’ll call the new feature metadata2. Can metadata2 elements be configured by the user as either single or multi-valued, selected from a predefined list of values like keywords are now, entered as free text like metadata is now, or populated from a folder in the binder (like the characters folder).
This provided more flexibility for the user and will be much easier to understand.

Cheers, Paul

Agreed that would be a useful update.

I think the road map for version 3 involves simplifying / consolidating a lot of this stuff.

Keywords are metadata. Could you give an example of what you’re trying to do?


In fact the next upgrade will be greatly expanding meta-data in both what you can do to assign them and how they can be used. Keywords will not be merged with anything, that is a discrete feature of its own, but there will be forms of meta-data that might do what you’re looking for.

Here’s an example of what I would like to do with metadata/keywords. I want to assign a list of characters to each scene and set the corkboard to display the character colour. This feature already exists but I have to set up the character sketches in the character folder and set up an additional character list in keywords. I also use Aeon Timeline so I have to set up the characters there. So I have three lists of all my characters. If the feature called “metadata” had slightly more power then the keywords feature becomes redundant. All the character data is in the character folder so that should be the only place I need to set it up (obviously excluding Aeon timeline as that isn’t your product).

At the moment when I want to assign some metadata to a scene I have to decide on whether it’s free-text or coded, multi-valued or single valued, and do I want to assign colour indicators to the corkboard. I love the power but it could be simplified.

Cheers, Paul

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