Feature set locked for 1.0 (and roadmap)

Please note the feature set for Scrivener 1.0 is now locked. There will be no major changes from now on. The focus is now on bug-fixing and ironing out quirks. So, whilst suggestions are always welcomed, don’t be offended if you see the phrases, “Not in the near future,” and “No” quite a lot. :slight_smile:

I genuinely believe that the featureset of beta 3 is solid, and that the program is intuitive and polished as it stands. It will not please everybody, and no matter what I add there will always be something else that somebody desperately needs, but I always said that I designed Scrivener to suit me, and that it already does in spades. If there are features missing that make it a deal-breaker for you, then please refer to the Links page, where you will find a gamut of excellent writing programs that might suit you better. I don’t want to mug anyone. :slight_smile: So, this is the roadmap as I see it:

November: Beta 4 - incorporate registration code (using eSellerate), bug fixes and minor refinements.*
December: Beta 5 - documentation, bug fixes and minor refinements.
Christmas/New Year - 1.0 for sale.

I have always said - and it has always been in the readme.rtf file, too, so every user should be aware of this - that after 1.0 there will be a lull in development, and I am going to stick to this.** When you buy Scrivener, you are buying it for what it is, not what it could be. I make no promises other than that I will do my utmost to make it as stable as possible and to continue to operate on upcoming releases of OS X. I have been upfront about this from the get-go as I do not want to mislead anybody into thinking that there are going to be regular updates post-1.0 - aside from bug fixes, there is likely to be months between new versions. This is because I want to use Scrivener for my own writing. If I am always working on Scrivener and never getting chance to use it, then it was all for nothing. And in the long run, I believe that this will benefit users, as it would be no good for a developer to blindly work on software he never actually uses. I am aware that this probably doesn’t sound like very sound “business acumen”, but then that is not really what it is about for me (but no, I won’t make it freeware :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I would just like to thank everybody who has contributed so far for your help in making Scrivener a better program. And please do feel free to continue making suggestions. I just wanted to make it clear that my "no"s are not for the sake of it, but at some point a line does have to be drawn in the sand (and then smudged out and drawn again :slight_smile: ) if Scrivener is ever get to 1.0.

All the best,

  • Minor refinements = eg. adding an error dialogue box here and there if required in some place, menu rearrangements and suchlike.
    ** By a “lull”, I mean I will actually stop development work for some time whilst I use the thing (though obviously when Leopard arrives I will make any necessary updates). Future development will be based around my own user-experience whilst taking into account that of others via this forum.

Congrats! A real feature freeze! It has been a lot of fun hashing out ideas with you in the past year and helping here and there where I can. This is going to be a very solid 1.0. It has much, much more behind it than most apps in their third or fourth cycle.

Onward with the bug squishing. :slight_smile:

A pause in Scrivener’s development seems very salutary, not only in order to give Keith time and peace for writing his War and Peace, but also for the application itself. Scrivener’s development has been rather stormy in the past six months or so, and quite a few new features have been added. Now a pause of reflection will help us all to distinguish clearly between the essential and the superfluous, between features which are really needed and nice looking frills.

And of course Scrivener’s future might depend also in part from the welcome it gets in the Mac community. I have no doubt that it will be a warm welcome. But I am eager to know if Scrivener will especially attract the attention of novelists and playwrights, or if it will come to be widely used by people of other walks of life. Might the latter be the case, then, Keith volente, Scrivener might develop into a privileged laboratory for text generation as such. Time will show.

Keith non-volente. :slight_smile: I can guarantee that the latter will not happen. Whilst there is a lot of activity around here concerning MMD, that aspect of development - aside from bug-fixes - is pretty much over for the foreseeable future. Whilst minor aspects of Scrivener are added at the behest of users, these aspects are only ones with which I agree. If Scrivener fails to attract novelists or other writers, then so be it; but I will still be using it for that purpose. No amount of user haranguing will lead me to change my own vision of Scrivener or what it is for. If folk want a “privileged laboratory for text generation”, I kindly direct them here:

Programming in Objective-C by Stephen Kochan

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass

Cocoa Documentation

Cocoa Builder

Cocoa Dev Wiki


Timotheo nolente! I gladly leave the development of my working tools to others, and will be happy to pay them!


Very sound plan! I’m quite happy with the way things are, so no complaints here. I’ll just continue to enjoy using it the way it is through the betas and will happily purchase my copy when the time comes. I won’t even ask for a student discount. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think it very wise to freeze it where it is. You’ve incorporated many, many user suggestions, including some of my own, and you’ve proven to be incredibly generous on that score. The fact that you yourself are a writer is what makes this the truly unique and excellent writing program that it is. And I definitely think that using it is the best way for you to know where, if anywhere, it can be improved.

I look forward to continuing the process as well as interacting with the others on this forum. It has developed into a really nice community, which I hope continues and deepens as time goes on.

Thanks so much for creating Scrivener, and to everyone who posts here with such respect and humor! This forum is the second thing I check each morning (the first being my email!).



Agreed – finish Scriv, then get back to work on your non-tech writing! I’d also like to add my thanks to you for both accepting so many recommendations (including a couple of my own) and for illuminating the process by which apps are developed. I’m definitely a non-geek writer, so for me the discussions here have provided a fascinating glimpse into the considerations a developer goes through (UI guidelines, user experiences, potentially adverse consequences of changes, time required to implement or tweak a feature, power vs. simplicity, etc etc) in creating an app. There are so many imperatives to balance, and seeing how you do that balancing has really helped me understand not just SCriv. but other apps, too. Thanks for your responsiveness in this forum, and, of course, for Scrivener!


You can’t be serious!
Where’s the spreadsheet?!
Where’s the enterprise level database?!
Where’s the JCA connection to my SAP system?
Oh my God, where is the sperm count analysis functionality you promised in Beta4, you utter, utter crook!

This is thing is going to bomb if you don’t add in support for creativity-inducing foot rubs![/i]

Yeah, I reckon you’ll see about three of these messages like this, after you release it. Feel free to use this as a reply when you do.

Who cares about the program*, this forum is the real thing, In a couple of days lurking I’ve discovered so much about writing, related programs and creativity.

This is an awesome place, thank you to all contributors.

  • not true. That was only for dramatic effect, I’m in fact in line to buy it as soon as it is released.
    I’ve just started using a beta version (1.0RCb3).
    Best feature so far: no procrastination, I felt finally compelled to put down scattered ideas and started working on them which is a lot of fun.

Ha! I agree with this. I have been working a lot more and more effectively since using Scr. Really!

And welcome. It’s a really neat program, isn’t it? And you are right about the forum. It’s one of my favorite online places to hang out. :slight_smile:


Definitely, scrivener makes you spend time creating instead of trying to figure out how it works or finding where’s that feature that you’d like to use.

Thank you

Totally agree. Keith, it is a pleasure to write in Scrivener. I congratulate you wholeheartedly.

Does this mean that in Beta 4 we’ll finally be able to thank you with our wallets as well as our words? Wouldn’t want any untested registration bugs in the 1.0 release now would we? :wink:

I’m not sure a lull in development is going to suit everyone, Keith.

For one, I spend a least half an hour of every writing session surfing the Scrivener forums for the latest news.

I might actually have to start writing. :open_mouth:


I’ve been using the Gold version for some 15 days, and i was so happy to see that 1.0 was out that i just had to buy it right away.

now i just have to write something worthwhile :wink:


Thank you!

and esellerate was fast btw…entered the code, worked just fine, simply downloaded the new dmg and dragged over and replaced the originals (assuming the other files for prefs will be updated etc)

…so now i have no excuse…was screwing around and saying that it was because this hadn’t been released so i should wait until it’s ‘for sale’ to prove it’s worth restarting a large project…

inspirational, and worth every penny…

Keith, I’m a Canadian journalist and novelist who has just recently emigrated from Ulysses. There was lots about that program I loved, but in practice, using it over the course of a year for a number of articles, I found a few things about its behaviour irksome. If I’d thought the boys at Blu-Tec would be receptive to hearing a report from the field, I’d have filled them in. But frankly, I saw no point.

Now, here’s my question. Scrivener looks terrific. It seems to provide all the features I want. I’m happy to give it a go. So are you interested in getting feedback on how things are working, whether I find my elbows bumping into corners as I try to do this or that? That the feature set is, in fact, set, is fine by me. I’ve no intention of telling you what features I wish Scrivener had that it doesn’t. But I’m a new set of eyes and hands — I missed the whole beta build-up — and I wonder if it’s useful to you to hear what seems to be working well and what, if anything, could use a tweak. I’m talking about ease-of-use stuff, not bugs. And again, no new features.

Regardless, I’m impressed by what you’ve done, and by the loyalty of your community. Best of luck with your writing.