Feature Suggestion: capability for internal hyperlinks

In beta testing I have bumped up against the need for creating internal hyperlinks in the ideation and draft writing process.

The use case is developing discrete ideas for later use, drilling down into important topics that are mentioned and used in the draft phase of writing my book. Where as I can write such drill-ins in notes, they are more properly defined as new “text” pages that will eventually be incorporated into the book. In creating such text pages, in addition to having the current capability to link the term used to a note, a better solution would be to be able to create a link over to the text page so as an author I can keep track of the many connections between “candidate” text pages that may or may not end up in the book, and key places where those pages are references elsewhere in the book.

I am sure LL Devrs would come up with a much better feature definition and capability for how this would be organized and implemented to accommodate and improve the overall productivity and process for moving from draft to compile and publish down stream, than I can imagine - but I can define this as a bona fide need for the authoring process in regard to the idea organization and development process as a writer.

Moreover, I have the need to both write and develop the ideas in my book for the book, and also the need to re-purpose the content in the book for website publishing of the content, which also speaks to the needs for interlinking of ideas, and document text in scrivener, which I add as an important consideration as you contemplate the value of this suggestion and how it might affect your design of both handing draft-writing and down stream content handling related to compiling and publish targeting.

Thanks in advance for taking these needs into consideration.

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There will be even more options in the beta, but there are already a couple of ways to establish links between items:

  • Hyperlinks in the text: as it sounds like you are looking for, you can make new items and link to them in one move, drag items into the editor with the Alt key held down to link to them by name, link existing text to items, etc. You can feel safe in using links purely for internal use, as the compiler has an option for stripping all hyperlinks out of the text, but if you do need some of these to end up in the output for the reader to make use of, then consider putting your own internal links into Inline Annotations.

All of the options are documented in §8.4, Linking Documents Together, of the user manual PDF.

  • References (called Bookmarks in the beta): these are stored in the inspector under the related pane. They are good for when one section is roughly related to another section in the binder. Each item can have its own comprehensive list of references.

Right on - thanks for the reply!
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Greg, are you looking for links from text to document, or links from text to text?

I would use links between text frequently to crossreference

I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe they have any plans to support text to text links. :cry: