features for legal writers

Hello all,

I’ve been using Scrivener on Mac for legal writing for probably close to two years now. It’s a pretty good tool for organizing larger projects. And by “pretty good,” I mean “I can’t cope with writing in Word anymore.” My new job is PC based, and I’d love to be able to switch over.

There are at least two features missing from the beta that are critical to legal writers: spacing (i.e., single- and double-spacing), and symbols (section symbols, paragraph symbols, em- and en-dashes, etc.). It would be great to see them, and especially great if the symbols were easier to use than they are in the mac version (toolbar maybe?).

These features are in the mac version, so I probably didn’t need to post here, but on the other hand I’d really like to see them make it into a release so that I can stop hauling my mac laptop into work to get things done. Anyway, great work so far, several of us here are looking forward to your successful launch!

Double spacing is scheduled for the next beta release, slated for before Christmas. Not sure on the symbols.