Features missing in the Windows version?

I set a word count for each of my chapters, and that was easy enough to do in Scrivener. However, when I tried to set up a daily word count, I discovered no way to do this. I did find several articles on how to do it, (like this one: scrivenerwriter.com/scrivener/ma … ord-count/), but it seems as if that functionality doesn’t exist in the Windows version I have (1.0.3).

Now I’m starting to wonder how many other features are not included in the Windows version of the software.

Any ideas?

Quite a few, not surprisingly, given the fact that the Mac version has been in development for seven years, and the Windows version for - what? - three? But the plan as expressed by Keith Blount is that both versions will have similar functionality, as soon as Lee the Windows developer can catch up (as well as getting sleep, seeing his family etc etc.).

As a Mac user, I can confidently say that while the additional features on the current Mac version are absolutely worth having, many of us used Mac version 1.x - not quite as feature-rich as the current Windows version - for a year or two and considered it pretty damn wonderful.

Well I hope they add the daily word count into this next version because that’s something I’d find very useful. The session word count isn’t nearly as useful to me. I’m tempted to download the beta to see what they did, but I think I’ll wait.

I downloaded and worked with the Windows trial version for quite some time but never got a useable compilation.
While this is a great concept to address both OS’s I feel they turned the Windows version loose a couple of years prematurely for it to be taken seriously and confidently by most users. I am sure the input and the few extra bucks are a help but a more complete program would have been much more appreciated.
I may yet buy the current version just to keep up with it and retain the work I have done as the finished product may turn out to be the cat’s whiskers. IN the meantime I will continue to use Word and OneNote to do my serious work.


I’m a newbie to Scrivener and just installed the new version,
Project targets is in this version.

For what it’s worth, I uninstalled the old version of the trial I was using and downloaded the latest copy to install clean. So far no problems but I’ve only been using it a few days.

We’re all of course welcome to our own opinions, and we all have our own priorities, neither of which should be confused with objective arguments on the purpose and quality of something. Given that the software’s emphasis (on both platforms, mind you) is to provide an organisation, writing and editing environment, deeming the entire thing unworthy of being released because it can’t do X (formatting a document to finished quality perfection)—something that is outside of its primary remit—is probably a bit harsh, don’t you think?

I’m not going to say that a plain-text editor which is fully programmable in a variety of scripting languages and is designed for coding is “not ready to be released” because it cannot show pictures in the text editor or italic text—something it was not designed to do, doesn’t need to do, and probably never will do.

Now, if by “never got a useable compile”, you meant that none of the text you wrote actually exported, and it was 100% impossible to take the product file into a word processor and polish it off because it was gibberish or some such, then that it is another matter—probably one for tech support since most people do that daily, all the time. If you got a file that you could load in Word and spend a day or two getting polished off—then you got precisely the experience this software was designed and released for.