Features of Scrivener 2

Don’t really know where to put this but which features are to be expected in Scrivener 2?

I’m wondering when there’ll be OPML import.
I gather that it has already been implemented somewhere, but not I think in any released version (I have 1.12 beta).

Will this be part of the next little upgrade or part of the paid upgrade?

I’d like to think the former (not because I don’t want to pay for an upgrade, no problem there, but because I’d rather have this feature sooner rather than later).


2.0 is still in an early Alpha/Beta stage and not ready for Public Beta.

(Which means features are still being configured and worked out hence no list of features at this time since some are still being added and some may be culled out until a later update).

Once Keith is comfortable that all the features are working as intended and it is ready he will probably announce a public beta to iron out any small glitches not discovered in the alpha / early beta stages.

Once the public Beta is announced I am sure a list of changes will be posted.

Keith has posted that the Public Beta for 2.0 will probably arrive in late 2009 at the earliests (or later as no exact time frame is set yet) so until then the only things you will hear about in 2.0 will be from Keith himself.

Hope that answers your question?