Features request: more flexibility with PDFs in  highlighting/underlining/annotating & compiling

Dear Scrivener team,

I discovered Scrivener a few months ago, and I really love it.

Some (the only?) features I miss is more flexibility in handling PDF files:

  1. The possibility to highlight/underline/annotate it within the app. I know that you can easily open it in an external editor and sync the changes made to the file, but for me it would be very important to stay within Scrivener. Precisely because the Scrivener environment is so awesome to read a PDF and take notes on the side, switch between tabs to write a side-article, etc.

  2. The possibility to integrate PDF files that are saved in Scrivener projets into a compiled PDF/Print document would be great also.

Thank you for your attention and considering these features.


Not everything you want, but you can highlight selected text in a PDF using CMD SHIFT H.

Some advice (and reasoning) re PDFs in compile:


Thank you Bridey!