Feedback and Query: Full Screen

I just want to start by saying that I love this software, and updated to 2.0 from 1.5 even before it was available (through the NaNoWriMo preview) and was like a fidgety little kid waiting for the purchased upgrade. It has become instrumental for me in churning out my PhD dissertation, so I don’t say that lightly. I’ve also managed to get my doctoral supervisor on the bandwagon, as well.

2.0 is even better, going from labour-of-love to labour-of-love-plus-major-professional-polish—kudos! The Quickview option alone has made it worth the upgrade—the revised Compile feature and the sweet refinements to Full Screen are icing on an already tasty mousse cake.

One very minor thing I miss, which may even have been something inadvertent or even glitchy about 1.x, has to do with Full Screen mode. (I was pretty much sold on the first version because of the fantastic full screen option!) Let me preface by saying that I use a dual-screen setup at home, with my MacBook taking secondary duties while a nice 21’ widescreen takes the lead. When using Full Screen, I often zoom over to the secondary screen to access another application—most often a quick dictionary/ thesaurus check as I try to lock down the perfect word, which I find is a fantastic use of an auxiliary display.

In 1.x, Scrivener would, for some reason, stay in Full Screen mode as I did this, letting me quickly duck over and back seamlessly. In 2.0, I get booted back to editor mode as soon as I click anywhere away from the primary display. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very minor annoyance, but if I want to zip back and forth between Full Screen and my dictionary, I have an extra step to make in between. Now, I know that (at least in Snow Leopard) you can access a dictionary pane through the “Writer’s Tools” option in the contextual menu (command-click), but I find that the dictionary pane a tad small, and it doesn’t have important stuff (at least to me) like etymological information and the little usage blurbs, which I have found surprisingly useful.

This one complaint does not at all detract from what I believe to be a fantastic update to an already superior application, and it’s not as though I would be downgrading Scrivener, deleting it from my hard drive, or making a trip across the pond to knock down Keith’s door because of my outrage. I just want to bring it to your attention and ask if I’ll ever be able to zip between applications again.

All the best;

N. Sax