Feedback and Thank You

Hi Lit&Lat folks,

I just wanted to say a big, big thank you all!

Some years ago I wanted to start writing on my then MacBook. One of the white plastic ones. However, due to time issues, job issues etc. I never quite got around to it, although I purchased a copy of Scrivener at the time.

In the meantime the good old MacBook got older, and started to deteriorate. After a while, I started to use a Thinkpad I bought cheaply (used one for less than EUR 200) which ran Ubuntu. I never bothered to try the Linux version of Scrivener though.

Now the MacBook died for good :frowning: . On the other hand, I now have more time at my hand, so I thought about writing again. This is helped by me being a member of a political organisation now, and they nag me to write stuff for them.

So I bought a new MacBook Pro. The next shock came when I realised that the Time Capsule, also not used for 18 months, was also kinda broken. I managed to rescue my old user account with all the irreplacable photos on it (phew!), but not the programs and such.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the App Store and found that I could download Scrivener for free! I have no idea how, but the system / the App Store / a friendly higher power somehow knew that I purchased a copy in the past, and the purchase was still valid. Wow, just wow! :stuck_out_tongue:

A big “thank you!” to Lit&Lat for that one! Other stuff I had to repurchase (DEVONthink stuff, for example). But not Scrivener.

That is how you build up customer loyalty and turn your customers into evangelists!


Hi Joerg,

Thanks for the kind words! The reason you got Scrivener free from the App Store is no doubt because we don’t released paid updates very often. The gap between 1.0 and 2.0 was four years, and it 2.0 was out about four and a half years ago now (and although there will be another paid update, it won’t be for a while) - so the version you bought was still the one you could download on the App Store. (It has been updated in that time, of course, but just with free updates!)

Good luck with your writing! I hope Scrivener comes in handy this time around.

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith,

thanks a log indeed! And I can’t wait to lay my hands on the iPad version either.

Someone in my little political organisation laid a trap, into which I stepped right away. “Oh, you’ve come back after you quit last year. Interesting! Why don’t you write a little article for our news site ‘Flaschenpost’ (literally, message in a bottle)?”

After the positive feedback, they convinced me to join their team as an editor and journalist :smiley: . So I will definitely need Scrivener to cope with that requirement - and I know well in advance that I’m going to love it.

Now I have this nagging feeling that this was a ploy to enlarge their volunteer staff. :wink: But hey…

Best regards, Joerg