Feedback forum?

Now that we’re over the initial hump, maybe this forum could be expanded with a Feedback forum? I want to say that I’m now absolutely loving the iOS version and it’s already changing my working life I’m getting to grips with all the features and understanding how it integrates with the desktop version and my existing projects.
The Techical forum doesn’t seem quite right to say this though. I’d also really like to swap ideas and war stories around using the iOS app.


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(Speaking of forum adjustments: it is also not yet possible for a forum user to declare themselves an iOS-only Scriv user.)

Agree with all points above. I even left a non-technical (praise!) comment in the cup of coffee part of the forum because I feared it would be seen as out of place here.

The forum will be lightly optimised in the future, with general discussion categories for Scrivener (including feedback) as a whole. It might be good to have an interim place for feedback though, hmm.

Well as for general practical discussion on usage, all of the non-platform specific sections are just “Scrivener” discussion areas, please feel free to use them to discuss the software no matter the platform. Those are Wish List, MultiMarkdown, Tips and Zen.

Perhaps a kind of silly idea, but what about linking to one of (probably the Mac) feedback forum from the iOS section—it would work like the Wish List links within Mac/PC sections, where they both just point back to the same top level board? It wouldn’t matter in the long run since feedback will become one common discussion area, but it could be a little confusing for those paying attention to the “breadcrumbs” after clicking.

The concept of using general Scrivener spaces brings me to my next question. What is the name or term to use for the iOS version of Scrivener to specify it is the iOS version we’re talking about?

Having a single Wish List for both Mac and Win makes sense, because those two are headed for feature parity. But the iOS version of Scrivener will always (or at least for the forseeable future) have a distinct feature set. This argues for a distinct Wish List for the iOS version.


Also +1 GR

That seems the best future collapse, to help Ioa’s concept, and agree iOS needs its own space…