Feedback from training session

Hi there, I love your product so much!

Last week I worked with a librarian colleague to demonstrate Scrivener to academic librarians at a top public university. We showed how we’ve used it for personal fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as how we’ve taught it to faculty and grad students. The comments I got were:

  • Questions about how well it integrates with Zotero (the free reference manager we teach students).
  • Strong desire to collaborate with self or colleague via Dropbox… and ideally to track or merge conflicts if syncing
  • Appreciation for the snapshot ability to track multiple drafts
  • Deep appreciation for use in both Mac and Windows. We like Citavi for teaching how to organize writing and cite quotes, but it’s Windows-only.
  • A desire to allow working with tabular information (spreadsheets) when preparing articles or book chapters

I know you’re slanted more to the fiction space but figured I’d share this from the academic side. Thanks so much for the great product you continue to iterate!

I would love to have Zotero work well with Scrivener. Then it would the perfect combo. Lot more academics would purchase it.