Feedback (Need feedback forum!)

Thanks for making Scapple - it’s an incredibly useful application.

I have Scrivener; I have several iPad sketching apps, all of which are limited to showing one page at a time. I was looking for the electronic version of a roll of wallpaper that I could just unroll and draw / type on in an unconstrained / freeform manner. That very night, Scapple was released. I downloaded the trial version and immediately was able to plot out timelines and notes on a seemingly limitless surface. (I’m continuing to use the trial while I wait for Scapple to hit the Mac App Store.)

Here are some thoughts for the wish list.

  • There’s no choice of font family. Hopefully we’ll be able to use different fonts in a future release.

  • It’s great to be able to export a PDF to DropBox and then view the PDF on an iPad later and perhaps mark up the PDF. It would be better still to be able to edit the Scapple file on the iPad. I read the comments about priorities and limited resources, but I guess we all dream about being able to take our work wherever we go and edit it with whatever device we have at hand.

You can choose the font for each Scapple board via the “Document” pane of the Inspector.

Glad you like it so far!

All the best,

P.S. There’s no “wish list” board because I’m trying to keep the app simple. :slight_smile: