Feedback & One Question

I want to say you did a FANTASTIC JOB on the tutorial!!! Not that i groked all of it by any means!!! (grok is a baby boomer term) :slight_smile:But it is so easy to go back to review it again when I need to. - At first I was bummed I purchased it immediately without realizing there was a trial period to choose from - but quickly lost all regrets - I already LOVE it. Writing my first e-book and somewhere along the line realized I needed something to help organize my thoughts and comments… really great job you did! Immediately freed my writer’s block! thanks much!!!

Now: One question: where is the dictionary that your software is connected to? There are auto corrects I want to add along with new words… i checked Microsoft Word, and it is not using their dictionary.


Thanks for the kind words (and for buying!). Scrivener just uses the standard OS X dictionary, the same as TextEdit and Pages. To get the built-in spell-checker to learn a new word, you can Control-click on the word in the editor and select “Learn Spelling” from the contextual menu. I don’t think there is a way of adding your own definitions or anything like that, but this will allow the dictionary to learn new words. (You can also go to Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling to view the spell checker, which also allows you to teach the dictionary words.)

Hope that helps.
Thanks again and all the best,