Feedback: S3 - Wndows Word Frequency Counts Options.

I like the word frequency option - but I think that to make it more useful, there should be an option for the user to exclude words the counts of which the user does not care about. This could be a column with a checkbox to exclude the word and a refresh the list button (along with a button to view the exclusions that were made).

Reason for the feature: words like “The” “A” “To” and other similar words are not very meaningful to count.

At the very least, if the table could be copied to the clipboard we could paste it into a spreadsheet and perform our own surgery on it at that point.

Thanks, @DEVINGANGER - I tried; how do you do that? The table, at least in does not seem to copy out of the UI. Other tables also seem to be exportable (e.g. the writing table for word counts), but not this table.

I was not able to make it happen, hence why I suggested (to the devs, when they get around to reading this thread) that a simple workaround would be to make that table copyable.


I would like to support the idea - frequency counts are important to me. Being able to pull them out and analyse them is a feature I would like to recommend. But not if it delays the rollout.

I don’t know when it was added, but in RC10, the same “Set List of Words to Ignore” dialogue is available in Project > Statistics > Options as on the Mac.

(I know that it’s a different issue from the ‘being able to copy the table’ point, but it does answer the original post if anyone is searching for an answer.)