Feedback/Wishlist for Next Update

A few irksome aspects about an otherwise great app:

The windows bar and meu bar wastes quiet a lot of space. Would be great if we had the option to remove them (like most other apps these days).

That’s quite a big chunk of wasted space at the top.

there is no dark mode - again, something that really needs updating for current standards (although wouldn’t be needed if we had option to remove the bar, menu and sliders to declutter UI to just have Scapple board))

I’d also like the option to disable the zoom slider bars that appear when zoomed in too, as I never use them, and wager most folks don’t, so again, wasted space and eye-sore.

And finally, would be ace if we could map our own hotkeys. I would like, for example, zoom into selected region hotkey to be ‘ctrl+space’, or ‘shift+F’, as I use it a lot, and would like to access it with one hand.

And be great if the zoom in hotkey (F9) zoomed-into the region where your mouse currently is. And it would also be handy if all these zoom functions were assignable around the space bar, so space bar currently pans (would be great if middle mouse ALSO did this), but then would be super useful if space bar quick tap zoomed in (to region of mouse), and then ctrl+space zoomed back out to zoomed-out view (currently F10). That would keep all these functions, which are used together, in the same area of the keyboard, and all accessible via one hand.

Love the app though.


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It would also be nice to lock the background shapes as I keep moving them accidentally.

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Yes that would be a very good feature as I want to be able to lock a jpg and put some notes and relations on it. For example it would be great if I can put the Business Model Canvas background and fill that canvas with new notes. (Normally if you drag and drop a note on a jpg, it creates a connection between them.)

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Not only jpg, but also other objects like notes, background shapes etc.

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Yeah, just a general ‘lock’ function for anything would be handy.