I’ve been using the Windows beta software for over a year now. From 1.9 to 3 was a huge step for me in growth and understanding of the nuts and bolts of the scrivener writing system as a whole. I went over the tutorials in order to understand the functionality and get my brain around the differences between something like this and a regular word processor. I looked over the video tutorials and I’ve browsed the .pdf manual a great deal. I find that I’m not patient enough to scrub through all the material out there and gain a solid foundation before diving in. I skim, and by finding issues over time which prompt me to go back to the tutorials and the manual, eventually I’ve gained a solid understanding of how powerful this system is.

There was a streaming course a while ago and I found that helpful, but I don’t want to fork out cash for the vultures (every platform has them - the people who throw together power-point examples and narrate their way through a YouTube vid hoping to make it pay) - I’d rather support the developers - but I understand an in depth tutorial system is a project in itself.

So - my style of learning is hands on - compose, organize, gather material - and if there’s an issue with how to accomplish something - I figure it out - look for solutions and go forward from there.

All in all, I’m so happy with this - the scope of possibilities in composing, viewing, sorting, organizing, gathering and storing material and sharing via dropbox to my remote machines. Compared to how I used to operate - using five or six pieces of software (word, notepad, iPhone apps, RDP, dropbox and others) I find this freaking miraculous. And it’s all in one package.

The only thing I’d like to see is more tutorials. From neophyte to expert level, but again, that’s a tall order.

So- thanks for the effort. It’s appreciated. It’s making my writing life easier.